Learning to Smoke

Duration: 13 scenes – 1 hour, 5 minutes

Screen Format: 4:3 640×480

Cigarettes: Camel No 9 100′s, VS120, Marlboro Light, Newport 100

Delivery: USPS or Electronic (please email me with your purchase at britney@pinkangelsmokes.com)

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This video is a compilation of all the videos I made before, during and after I learned how to inhale in the first two weeks of being a smoker. In August ‘09 I first got a taste of the smoking fetish and decided to start smoking ‘for real’. I had always had a fascination with smoking, and had smoked occaisonally with friends, but never before had I actually inhaled a cigarette. When I decided I wanted to learn to inhale, I also decided to videotape my progress. This DVD includes never before seen footage of me learning and struggling to inhale. This DVD was shot with videos from my Canon A710IS camera, so the quality is not HD. Do not buy this DVD if you want quality camerawork or great smoking – this is about a 19 year old girl teaching herself how to smoke.

All scenes are dated so you can see my progress in the first 2 weeks.

Scene Details

  1. The first time I ever filmed myself smoking. This video was never posted anywhere. I’m smoking a Camel No 9 100 from a pack I just bought at the store and sipping wine. I didn’t try to inhale.
  2. This was the first video I put on youtube. I tried to inhale but really didn’t understand how to.
  3. I smoke a cig at the edge of a lake and inhale a couple of times very briefly, first feeling the nicotine buzz that I now love
  4. This is the first video with clear inhales. I got pretty buzzed, and bite my lip every time after I inhale in excitement.
  5. The fifth scene is a familiar one to people who have seen my clips4sale page – however, I had edited out the coughing fit I got at the end of the cig.
  6. After a couple of days practicing inhaling, I smoke an entire marlboro light with no problems, inhaling the whole time
  7. The next day I made another video, this time in a tied up halter top, showing off my new inhaling skills
  8. The following night, I came home from a party pretty drunk. I made this clip, talking about how horny smoking made me and how good it felt. I smoke faster and faster getting really buzzed.
  9. The next day in my car, I took a trip to my parent’s house. But before I went, I needed a cig. I had the camera with me and recorded a video smoking a VS120.
  10. A couple days later, I smoke at the park in my bikini top
  11. This clip was when I really started feeling addicted. For my 10th cig of the day I decided to put a pink wig on and do a little role playing.
  12. The next week, as I finally got comfortable with smoking and began to learn tricks, I made this video singing a smoking a Newport 100
  13. A few days later, 2 weeks after first inhaling, I smoked laying down on bed in my leather jacket while trying to do tricks.