Sample Videos

Below are some videos that were previously featured on YouTube and elsewhere. These samples are previews of videos from this website and from Clips4Sale. In order to allow streaming, the quality of these videos is much, much lower than the downloadable videos in this site and on C4S (these videos are on average 1/10th the quality). If you enjoy these videos, please support my work by subscribing to this site or visiting my Clips4Sale studio for the real things!

Click on the video to play it; the button in the bottom right hand corner enlarges it to full screen.

*Video:halloween 2009 newport 100
*Video:smoking while driving
*Video:smoking 2 cigs at once
*Video:smoking 2 cigs at once
*Video:smoking after a bar night
*Video:candid style video
*Video:britney, lexi and katie
*Video:britney, lexi and kati

Sample Pictures

These are just a few of the thousands of super high quality pictures in my website featuring me and some of my friends smoking. When you join for a 6 month subscription, please include in your payment details which photo you would like autographed and kissed, or I can pick one for you.