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Posted by Pink Angel on June 19, 2011

As many of you already know, I’ve started laying the groundwork for a new site called Smoking Coeds. Apparently Coed is an American term, so for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it means a girl in college.

I’ve already started filming and the new clips4sale can be found here:


This site is going to be very, very different from mainstream smoking fetish sites. My idea is to allow the fans to get to know each model as a real girl, not just a smoking puppet. Also, to my knowledge, I am the only female filming amateur smoking fetish videos with other girls. This gives me a huge advantage, as the models will be much less awkward and the conversation will be much more genuine and personal. As always I make every video in 1080p HD, which I think is a very important thing when even some mainstream sites don’t offer HD videos. Also, every single girl I hire is a real smoker. I have no interest in filming girls who can’t inhale or look awkward even holding a cigarette, so you can be sure I won’t be selling that crap to you.

Here are a list of my ideas for the site. Please let me know what you think about them or if you have any of your ow. I’m targeting a website launch of August-September timeframe as I want to launch with roughly 10 models and 40 clips with new content added weekly. So anyway, here are my ideas:

  1. Every model is introduced with an interview scene
  2. Every model is available for custom videos and webcams with ‘group buy’ discounts if enough people purchase videos in a certain period of time
  3. Every model has a long biography (smoking and personal) and amazon wishlist viewable only to site members
  4. Members can rate each video 1-10
  5. Members can rate each model 1-10 on several different things so I know who to have back and who to forget about
  6. Members can help me choose the next model via a poll with a short description and picture of each candidate
  7. Members can send messages and feedback directly to the models

So, any other ideas??? I want everyone to be able to feel like they really know the girls and set this site apart from the rest.

Here’s a couple of previews from that clips4sale with Jenny and Maggie:

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